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Main Assembly

The iCUBE has as part of its standard equipment, all electronics required to provide comprehensive defect monitoring for a double track DED / Hi-Wide detector installation. Any alarm conditions that are detected can be broadcast over the internal radio and also transmitted to a remote location via an IP network connection. The new comprehensive user interface allows for entry of all required location information, selection of radio channels and adjustment of the transmit audio FM deviation level. The standard iCUBE also software supports programming features found in the Ritron DTX-160 VHF transceiver, such as separate Tx/Rx frequencies and carrier-detect sensitivity as measured in -dBm.

Modular Design

The modular design of the iCUBE Wayside Monitor allows the user to tailor the system to specific locations and applications. The distributed processor architecture, combined with the modular hardware, allows for maximum flexibility in specifying and developing new applications.

A standard iCUBE system provides up to ten opto-isolated digital inputs that are configurable in the iCUBE operating software. Standard configurations allow a single iCUBE to function as a double track High/Wide or DED system. Many other standard combinations are available from the system setup parameters menu.

Remote Reporting

The iCUBE distinguishes itself from its predecessors by also offering advanced networking capabilities. Provide it with an IP network connection and the iCUBE becomes an efficient remote reporting location for many additional wayside conditions that need to be communicated before a train approaches a hazardous area, such as:

  • High Water Detection
  • Wind Speed Alarms
  • Ambient Temperature Alarms
  • Bridge Out
  • Rail or Ballast Temperature Alarms

With the addition of the Model 2100-596 Dual Wheel Detector Assembly, the system can monitor and report conditions related to Over Speed Alarms and Train Length Alarms.

The IP network connection allows remote interrogation of the iCUBE via a Tel-Net session. Remote communications with the system include the ability to upload operating software revisions as required, making it easier than ever to provide support in remote locations.

Internal Radio

The iCUBE incorporates an internal radio module that includes the Ritron DTX-160, eight channel, six watt, narrowband VHF transceiver. The standard iCUBE software supports delivery of clear voice transmissions over a specified channel to alert train crews of a defect or dangerous wayside condition. The iCUBE can communicate in English, French, and Spanish using existing speech data sets.

Icube network & wireless cards driver download for windows 7

The internal radio also supports frequency programming where each of the eight channels in the radio can be programmed for separate transmit and receive frequencies from 160.215MHz to 161.565MHz within the AAR band. Expanded frequency programming is available for non-railroad applications. The software supports a selection of multiple sequential broadcast channels, eliminating the need for multiple radios.

Expanded Applications

Remote Weather Alarm Monitor

The iCUBE is ideally suited to perform as a remotely located wind and temperature monitoring system. Because the iCUBE is a modular and scalable system, Talker configuration is an option to broadcasts wind and temperature alarms over the radio, or if an IP network connection is available, the system can send wind speed and temperature updates at regular intervals to a host server.

The weather monitoring system configuration does not require Track Modules. So, for instance, if the system is communicating solely over an IP network, you may choose to omit the Radio Module and the Track Modules as a cost savings option.

Highway Crossing Protection


The iCUBE CPU module utilizes an internal DTMF decoder. In areas around industrial tracks or on seldom used lines where the rails are subject to heavy rust accumulation, the iCUBE provides a reliable means for remotely activating grade crossing protection.

Other Applications

  • DTMF Switch Controller
  • Battery and AC Power Monitor
  • Switch Position Monitor
  • Wheel Impact Load Detector (WILD) Annunciator

Expanded Feature Set

DTMF Support

The iCUBE includes an internal DTMF Decoder with software that supports several applications including the following:

Icube Network & Wireless Cards Driver Download For Windows 8.1

  • Rebroadcast of the last voice message from the Talker through the VHF radio
  • Activation of internal relay drivers for triggering external devices, such as grade crossing protection and track switches
  • Switch position monitor and announcement
  • Remote activation of Slide Fence, High Water or Bridge Out announcements on demand

External Communications Support

The iCUBE system provides RS-232, RS-485 communications ports. The Ethernet connection supports IP networking and cellular modems. The Union Pacific-D3 protocol is resident in the iCUBE Communications Processor.

SD Card Operation

The iCUBE contains a slot for insertion of an SD memory card. All setup information, operating programs, and train data resides on the SD card. In the event of a system failure, move the existing SD card into the replacement unit to transfer all required information.

Icube Network & Wireless Cards Driver Download For Windows 7

Isolated Power Supplies

The iCUBE’s internal electrically-isolated power supplies allow it to be co-located with signal equipment and operate from the signal battery without violating electrical grounding regulations. An onboard isolation amplifier provides an optical isolation barrier for monitoring the battery health without a physical power or ground connection to the CPU’s A/D converter. The internal radio and CPU power supplies provide 1500 volts of isolation from the battery. The dedicated 12VDC supply provides power for accessory devices up to a capacity of 0.5 amps with 1600 volts of isolation. For example, up to ten Banner SM30 series, Photoelectric Sensors can be powered.

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