Ipwireless Network & Wireless Cards Driver Download

Secure High Speed Communications for Soldiers, First Responders, and Private Companies

With a full range of commercial network solutions and devices, IPWireless allows operators to offer Complete 3G, a spectrum of completely mobile, portable, or fixed wireless services with unmatched economics and true broadband performance. IPWireless is a founding member of the Global UMTS TDD Alliance.

General Dynamics' LTE networks provide first responders, soldiers, and business professionals with high-speed voice, video and data communications in remote locations, and on any LTE enabled device.

Critical Communications at your Fingertips

In case you are not good with the command-line, you can use a third-party app like Wireless Network Watcher. The app scans the entire local network to discover active IP Addresses. As soon as you open the app, it will start scanning your network. After some time, it’ll list up the active connections. IPWireless Unveils The ‘Mobile Broadband Gateway’ New Orleans - IPWireless introduced its Mobile Broadband Gateway today, a slim, pocket-sized device that integrates very high-speed packet-based UMTS TDD, WiFi and Bluetooth to give users their own personal, secure, and fully mobile hotspot.

4G LTE delivers instant access to voice, video, data, text and chat. Users can retrieve data at high speeds with any 4G LTE enabled device, including smartphones, tablets or mobile hotspots. The on-demand capabilities of a smartphone powered by a strong 4G LTE network are why LTE is increasingly the technology of choice for military, tactical, public safety and private mobile users.

With General Dynamics LTE:

  • Soldiers on the battlefield can send and receive life-saving information in real time.
  • First responders can share information and images instantly, making informed decisions faster and speeding up responses to any emergency.
  • Private companies can build dedicated LTE networks in locations where communications had been unavailable.

Ipwireless Network & Wireless Cards Driver Download

LTE For Public Safety

First responders and emergency services personnel need instant access to secure voice and data networks to exchange crucial information and enhance their situational awareness during emergencies. With General Dynamics Mission Systems’ public safety technology, first responders have the information they need when they need it, right at their fingertips.

General Dynamics Demonstrates Cross-Domain, Multi-Level Command, Control and Communication Capabilities at ANTX 2019

NEWPORT, R.I. – As part of the U.S. Naval Undersea Warfare Center’s Advanced Naval Technology Exercise (ANTX) 2019, a General Dynamics Mission Systems-led team demonstrated cross-domain, multi-level command, control and communication (C3) capabilities using manned and unmanned assets.

General Dynamics at AUSA 2018: Accelerating Innovation to Advance the U.S. Army’s Mission

At the AUSA 2018 Annual Meeting & Exposition, General Dynamics is demonstrating innovation that ensures readiness for U.S. Army and U.S. ally requirements across all domains to move the mission forward.

Ipwireless Network & Wireless Cards Driver Downloads

Ipwireless Network & Wireless Cards Driver download

General Dynamics to Showcase FirstRunner Compact Rapid Deployable and SHIELD Sensor Backhaul Solutions at IACP 2018

At the 2018 IACP Annual Conference and Exposition, General Dynamics will showcase its investments in law enforcement and public safety communications, both in fixed and deployable form factors.