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  1. « ECS launches Modmen PC Modding Competition Download GPU-Z 0.6.5 Kupa UltraNote Windows 8 Tablet » Related Stories Download GeForce 306.97 WHQL 32/64-bit drivers - 11:43 AM.
  2. In most cases, the X15 tablet is installed with Windows 8 at the factory and that is the version that most of users will be getting. All the drivers are already installed and as well as a recovery partition for emergency need. Most of users would not need to use the divers from Download section.

Kupa engineers have been hard at work at making X11’s pen and touch the best in the business.

To update, please follow these steps:

1) Go to Control Panel and Click on “Programs and Features”:

Kupa Driver Download

Click Uninstall on Kupa Stylus Enhancer, if it is not there, no worries, move on to the next step

Windows Uninstall

Then download the Pen and Touch firmware and driver update zip file

and extract the content to a directory and you will see:

Kupa Driver Download Torrent

Make sure your power adapter is connected,

Run “KUPA Calibration V2” First and Click “Calibrate”


Then Click “Exit”. The whole process should take less than 5 seconds.


Now Click on

“Kupa Stylus Enhancer V2” to install the Kupa Pressure Sensitive driver for Pen.

Kupa Driver Download

Make sure you reset your previous calibration data and re-calibrate again

Kupa Driver Download Windows 7


Windows Tablet PC Setting

Kupa Driver Download Pc

To calibrate, follow calibration instruction on Microsoft Website link