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With the APP Medion Life Security you have the possibility to access the MD 87009 surveillance camera from anywhere. You can receive the live stream of the MD 87009 and so see what the cameras. MEDION ERAZER X7853 camera issue Hi All, First post, I have purchased MSN: 3002 2560 in 2018 and I am happy with it, I do have an issue with the onboard camera. MEDION is a leading Gaming Laptop and Desktop manufacturer under the Lenovo group offering high spec machines with the latest NVIDIA graphics cards with Intel processors. Results for medion camera 'motion camera'. Categories & Filters. Store Pickup at. Security Cameras & Surveillance.

7' HD multitouch display with IPS technology and anti fingerprint coating (1,024 x 600 Pixel)


Limitless reading pleasure: Look up and download your favorite digital newspapers, magazines and books on the go. Whether for business or pleasure, the MEDION® LIFETAB® ensures you always have the news and information sources that you rely on, in a compact format, ready at your fingertips.

Reach out to others no matter where they are and communicate face to face via video conference. With the MEDION® LIFETAB®, you have everything at hand for all your communication needs.


A whole world of apps on your MEDION® LIFETAB®

Medion Cameras Reviews

Access numerous apps via Google Play™: Personalize your MEDION® LIFETAB® precisely to your own tastes with numerous apps – many of them free of charge-- from a broad range of categories such as news, entertainment, finances, travel and games.

Medion Camera


Medion Camera

Android 4.4 KitKat®
Android 4.4 KitKat® provides you with even more enjoyment thanks to improved performance. Apps start quicker and everything is even more intuitive to operate.
Access to numerous apps on Google Play®
Excellent 7' HD multitouch display
The razor sharp multitouch display stands out with a brilliant resolution (1,024 x 600 pixels) for fantastic multimedia entertainment. Photos light up with lively colors and games are even more enjoyable.
Powerful ARM Cortex A9 (1.6 GHz) quad-core processor
Lots of power for fast and responsive multitasking, a fantastic internet experience, fluid graphics and a long battery life.

Technical details

Medion Camera Manual

  • ARM Cortex A9 (1.6 GHz) quad-core processor
  • Android 4.4, KitKat®
  • 2 MP front camera and 2 MP camera on the back
  • GPS and e-compass
    (no cellular connection necessary)
  • Bluetooth 4.0