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The Rapid X1 color label printer is one of the most advanced digital inkjet systems. The primary innovative feature that helps to garner this desktop printer’s industry placement is its integration of the Memjet print engine technology. Only a minimal warm-up time for the print head is required. Further, performance is vastly enhanced by the print head’s ability to scan in one pass, rather than the customary back-and-forth mechanics. Noise, vibration and operational complexity are impressively reduced by this fixed-head feature.

The Rapid X1 is a roll-to-roll printer that boasts a hot-swappable five-color print head, CYMKK, containing 70, 400 nozzles that deliver an incredible 744, 000, 000 drops of ink per second. It has an outside diameter unwind-rewind capacity of twelve inches. The print head is 8.5 inches wide and the manufacturers give it a life expectancy of three to five years.

With an optical sensor for pre-cut and stripped labels, the unit has the capacity to produce a resolution of 1600 x 1600 dots per inch, up to 60 feet per minute. Additionally, this model is also capable of printing on continuous media with no registration marks. Its maximum print speed is twelve inches per second at 1600 x 800 dpi.

The overall bench-top dimensions form just one aspect of the Rapid X1 that can make it particularly appealing to those operators in the small-to-medium sized label production market. Another plus is the absence of external raster image printing. The rip is integrated within the print engine controller chip with optimization to process all supported file types. Not to be overlooked is the environmental consideration of the X1. Rapid uses only aqueous dye inks that have no volatile organic compounds or harmful fumes.

With headquarters in Sydney, Australia, the Rapid X1 is manufactured by the Rapid Machinery Company. The company has long held a solid reputation in the labeling industry with outlets and distributorships across Australia, Europe, parts of Asia and Latin America. Enjoying over 35 years of experience, Rapid has dedicated the past five to developing digital solutions.

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Digital Color Label Printers and Finishers. COVID-19 UPDATE: As a crucial part of the supply chain for chemical, medical, food, and other essential industries, Afinia Label remains open and fully operational. F8t001 vista driver download L Industrial Colour Label Printer Powered By Memjet – Afinia Label The L is a Memjet-powered industrial inkjet printer that is ideal for short- to medium-range print runs for prime and secondary labeling applications.

Until recently, Rapid products in the USA were obtainable through Impression Technology Americas’ Rapid Label USA division based in Tampa, Florida. As of early November, that division was acquired by Imidia Digital Technologies, also based in Florida. Imidia was established in 2002 and has been a regional distributor of digital print media as well as digital printing options for labels, textile, large format and variable data. Regarding its acquisition of Rapid Label USA, Imidia will distribute the Rapid X Digital label printers and all associated converting equipment.

The price of the Rapid X1 in the United States is approximately $25,000, including the print head. It’s possible to luck into a demo model, complete with inks, for a few thousand dollars less if you shop expos and trade shows. For the unparalleled speed and accuracy this printer offers, the cost provides an excellent ROI. It isn’t known at this time if the change in distributorship to Imidia will affect the price even more advantageously.

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- Memjet® Technology

- Professional Color Printer

- Print quality up to 1600 DPI

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- Color and Monochrome Graphics

- Same printing speed as Color or Monochrome

- Integrated print head maintenance station

- 5 Individual tanks of 250 ml

- Windows compatible via USB / RJ45 port

- Integrated high capacity feeder for Production


Technical specifications

- Resolution 1600 x 1600 dpi (high quality) / 1600 x 800 (normal quality)

- Theoretical speed 142.4 mm / s (high speed) / 304.8 mm / s (normal speed)

- Practical speed More than 6,000 impressions per hour, envelopes of C6 format (229 x 114 mm)

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- More than 3,000 A4 / hour

- Minimum format 76mm x 107mm

- Maximum format 241mm x 431mm

- Maximum printed area 215mm x 406mm

- Paper thickness Minimum 0.1 mm and maximum 0.5 mm

- Impressions Colors and black and white, images, logos, text, barcodes, ...

- 32-bit RISC Controller Processor

- Feeder capacity Up to 500 DL envelopes (continuous reloading possible)

- Ink 5 individual cartridges of 250 ml (CMJNN)

- Lifetime 500,000 impressions per month for 60 months

- Windows Driver Software (Optional Mail Merge Software), Macintosh Driver

- Interface USB and network connection

- Dimensions 50 x 61 x 44 cm (W x W x H)

- Weight 34 kg


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